3 Problems Solved by Wonderware InTouch 2017

Globally known for its market-leading innovation and going far beyond the ordinary standards of a HMI, InTouch delivers legendary ease of use, unprecedented engineering simplicity and an unrivalled migration path – protecting your engineering investment. The InTouch 2017 release continues to build upon these standards and solve the problems that many plant workers are faced with on a regular basis:

#1 Operator Awareness/Reactivity Time

By clearing away the clutter on screen, minimising the use of colours and using easy to read graphics, we can significantly improve the reaction time of operators. The superior approach of Wonderware to presenting information means it takes less time to notice an incident on screen and enables an increased focus on operational information.

As operations and plants become larger and more complex, the ability to know ‘what happened’ is no longer sufficient… You, or your operators, need to understand exactly ‘why’ an event occurred. Having this knowledge allows you to plan-ahead, by determining how real-life time changes may affect your operations in the future.

#2 Engineering Expense

So you’ve designed one of your applications perfectly and it’s ready to be put to work for you, but now you have to redesign it for different displays across your plant; that’s before getting started on designing your other applications… Not with InTouch 2017.

Wonderware InTouch 2017 allows you to design applications for displays of multiple sizes from a single machine. Simply drag and drop the relevant screen dimensions, and layout, into place and away you go.

From reusing engineering, to designing, distributing and enforcing standards, InTouch 2017 continues to improve tools to help shorten engineering cycles and reduce your engineering time and costs.

#3 Outdated System that can’t Connect to Cloud/Mobile Devices

Many industrial environments are beginning to digitise their processes, and most of the people that are doing this are already seeing the multitude of benefits that come with digitisation. Having a legacy system that cannot interact with the ever-evolving world of computing devices poses a problem for both your operational efficiency and your ability to keep your competitive edge.

InTouch 2017 brings with it an add-on for InTouch Access Anywhere – empowering casual and mobile users with on the go access to your InTouch application/s from any device, anytime, anywhere; keeping you in the loop at all times.

To learn more about the latest features of Wonderware InTouch 2017, register for our live webinar: Achieve Operational Excellence with InTouch 2017 – 29th June @ 12:30