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Advancing Towards the Career of The Future

Digital Transformation means different things to many businesses, but for us, digital transformation is an all-encompassing philosophy. Integrating digital technology into all areas of a business including people, processes and technology and deploying innovative technologies enterprise-wide to combat any operational friction of inefficiencies.

Digital transformation means that businesses are prepared for the challenges of the future, with scalability in mind, digital technologies can be applied and tailored to any working environment, guaranteeing the flexibility needed to thrive in uncertain times.

At the heart of our understanding of Digital Transformation, is the human element. And we practice what we preach! We place a huge amount of importance in our people, and our continued success is down to our people and a company culture that supports and celebrates their continuous pursuit of knowledge, insight and understanding.

Take our Apprentice Academy for instance - the SolutionsPT programme that works closely with universities and other education providers to deliver apprenticeships from level three, up to level six and seven all the way to full Bachelors and Masters degrees. When they join, each apprentice is assigned both a management and HR mentor, whilst being paired with a ‘buddy’. The ‘buddy’ is a year three or four apprentice who knows from experience how to best guide the new recruits in the balance of work and study.

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As part of the launch of the Apprentice Academy, each of the apprentices will collaborate on a project that they will present to the company. This will really put their teamwork and problem solving to the test and we can’t wait to see what they have come up with.

I sat down with several apprentices, all in the first year of the academy, to see what drew them to the course and what digital transformation means for them.

Why did you want to join the degree apprenticeship scheme at SolutionsPT?

Thomas Bohan, B2B Sales Degree

“It may seem strange that I completed a business-focused degree in what is a very technologically led space, but digital transformation is well… transforming everything! I enjoyed my experience in business and sales development and have known since then that I wanted to pursue a career in this area.

Working with SolutionsPT lets me focus my talents and attain an industry-recognised qualification. It’s a perfect foundation for my career.

On the personal side, SolutionsPT has consistently demonstrated how much they value their employees. I have been welcomed by my team; we went out for a meal, pre-Covid-19, when that was allowed, and I have kept in constant contact with virtual events throughout lockdown. It is no surprise that SolutionsPT has been recognised for over a decade in the Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work For.“

Joshua Thomas, Digital and Technology Solutions Degree

“I have always known that SolutionsPT would be a strong career opportunity. With my background in software development I have a keen understanding of the space and SolutionsPT supports the best software in the sector. I work closely with customers every day and put my skills to the test with any day-to-day issues they may have.“

Jess Christie, B2B Sales Degree

“The choice was a no-brainer for me! SolutionsPT offers a clear path for growth within the company and the opportunity to develop my skills within the sales industry. A huge part of my day-to-day revolves around communication, this is the skill I wanted to develop throughout the Academy and SolutionsPT enables me to do that. I have come a long way since working in website design and I haven’t looked back since!“


I am always humbled to hear the positive thoughts from our apprentices, as someone who has worked at SolutionsPT for over nine years I experience first-hand how the company supports each employee on the career path that is right for them.

There has been a burning question on my mind throughout this whole process and I am excited to present the perspective on digital transformation of our apprentices. Digitalisation has been a slow process for some sectors, but these apprentices have an entirely different view, coming, as they do, into the sector while the model matures. As digital natives they have all grown up surrounded by the benefits of modern technology with an innate understanding of how it should benefit the user.

Here’s what Dx means to them – and note how important environmental considerations are!

Louis Alder, Digital and Technology Solutions Degree

“For me digital transformation isn’t just the future of manufacturing, it plays a big part in the future of our planet. By deploying technology which increases efficiency we can create environmentally friendly, greener production lines. Covid-19 may have thrown a spanner into the works of a lot of industries (and destroyed my gap year travel plans!), but as we have thankfully witnessed, manufacturing just continues.”

Isabella Sarna, Digital and Technology Solutions Degree

“Digital transformation goes beyond just the integration of technology into all aspects of a business, even though that is a big part of the journey that we help with at SolutionsPT. There is an industry-wide culture change that has to occur. One that requires organisations to continually challenge and grow.

We practice what we preach at SolutionsPT and that culture is part of what drew me to the Apprentice Academy. Coming from a background in cyber security I have in-depth understanding of what it takes to truly transform a business, SolutionsPT understands this and approaches digital transformation with a ‘People First’ model. This not only gives SolutionsPT customers a path to success in digital transformation but as I progress through the Apprentice Academy it gives me a clear path to a rewarding career.”

Federcio Fanella, B2B Sales Degree

“Digital transformation will affect each and every industry as time goes on. No matter the sector, businesses are striving to be more efficient and environmentally aware, it is technology that will allow companies to achieve this. This is especially true in the industrial sector where we help businesses to thrive and remain agile and keep up with an everchanging society. Never has this been more relevant than this year where every business has had to adapt to a new normal.”


Joseph Parfitt, Digital and Technology Solutions Degree

“In the most basic sense, digital transformation is about turning a manual process into a digital one but we have seen much evolution of the term since its conception. Digital transformation means using technology to not only replicate a service but to transform it, offering customers something greatly improved.

This goes way beyond say a single moving process on a production line, it includes corporate culture and bringing employees up to date with the new ways of working. It’s the same for us at SolutionsPT, we have lots of technology and systems deployed that offer support and guidance for us in the Apprentice Academy.”

Those in the Apprentice Academy have a deep understanding of not just technology but its place in the world and I believe this is encouraged and nurtured by the company’s dedication to ‘home-growing’ talent and in turn learning from new perspectives and insight.

I find it particularly interesting that so many of these apprentices have a strong environmental focus and see that technology is the key to creating a greener world. Pleasingly this fits very closely with the SolutionsPT vision for digital transformation, which states: “We believe that digital transformation is a powerful force for good for the future of industry, the people who work in industry, and for humanity. Our vision is for every industrial enterprise to be a part of a better, digitally transformed future”.

If you are interested in learning more about the Apprentice Academy, digital transformation, or a career with SolutionsPT, get in touch today.