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Citect SCADA 2018 R2 is here

We're pleased to share that the latest release of Citect SCADA 2018 from our partners at AVEVA is now available. 

Citect SCADA 2018 R2 includes a number of enhancements which continues Citect's focus on modernising operations and simplifying the engineering experience with improved visualisation. 

It includes support for Graphics Browsing in Citect Studio and a number of graphical editing enhancements, plus stronger connectivity with additional AVEVA product integration and mobility capabilities.

Security is also center-stage in this release with the implementation of encrypted communications across all product areas and much more.


Anne Fletcher, our Citect Product Manager explains more...


The new features explained a bit more:

Citect and Graphics

Graphics Browsing in Citect Studio

    • Browse, search and filter across graphic types; Symbols, Genies, Super Genies
    • Quickly Filter to find duplicate graphics within your project/s
    • Create and Open symbols directly in Graphics Builder
    • Delete symbols directly from Citect Studio


Historian Integration: Turn trapped plant data into actionable information

    • Thorough integration with the AVEVA Historian portfolio, you have the ability to publish your data to AVEVA Process Historian, AVEVA eDNA Enterprise Historian, or AVEVA Insight.
    • This release includes a new native high-performance interface facilitating near-real-time data, with integrated redundancy support. Initially supporting connectivity to eDNA Enterprise Historian, this interface will in future be utilised to support high-speed communications to Process Historian and Insight.
 Citect and Historian


Citect and Mobility

Cloud Intelligence & Mobility

    • Leverage the AVEVA Insight connectivity and unleash the power of  cloud to enhance your on-premise SCADA system
    • Automatically detect anomalous patterns in your historical data and display these via the AVEVA Insight “newsfeed”
    • Direct access to your data via Insight Mobile, on any device, anytime, anywhere

Security Enhancements

    • Secure Transport, Encryption: provides encrypted connections between Citect SCADA processes; Client, Server, CtAPI.
    • Access Control Restrictions: provides ability to limit access to sensitive information
    • Deprecated some existing functionality to improve security perimeter
    • Remote Cicode Debugger: debugger is now only able to connect to Citect SCADA processes on local machine.
    • DDE Server/Client: DDE interface is now disabled by default.

Citect Security


To find out more about some of the new features of Citect SCADA 2018 view our latest webinar: Citect SCADA 2018 – A look at the latest developments.

Download webinar