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COVID-19 – Supporting Your Operational Resilience

We are in unprecedented times with many of us facing difficult, new challenges.  We are concerned for our families, our friends, our colleagues and customers and are keen to do what is right for them and our wider community.  Like you, our people have families with children that are now home from school.  Some are single parents or have both parents trying to work from home whilst balancing childcare, home schooling and the care of vulnerable family members.  We are all having to make adjustments, be flexible and look out for one another.

But what of the many operations that need to continue and carry on at pace?  We still need food and medicine, water and energy and in some cases we need more than we have ever needed.  Many of our customers are in these key manufacturing industries or are managing critical infrastructure energy or water supplies.  Many are working flat out, 24/7, redirecting production lines to manufacture core products to keep up with demand.  That means that the work we do to support these customers is critical too.

Enabling our customers’ operational resilience and continuity has always been our key purpose and is now more important than ever.  Our teams are used to remote working and regularly use virtual tools and flexible working to problem solve in a crisis.  So we are good at this.  Please be assured that we are here, working for all of you, providing our usual services and making sure that you can continue your operations.

The work that we are doing together is vital for keeping the UK and Ireland running smoothly.  Every day customers contact us for help, whether to get a critical production line back up and running or for advice on how best to get remote access and critical KPI data for their plant.  We know some of you are facing challenges and we want to make it easier. 

Our partner AVEVA is helping too, by enabling free access to select Cloud and Remote Operations solutions.  AVEVA is also providing free access to their eLearning training courses.  Of course our instructor led, virtual training courses have always been and are still an option.  These are challenging times, but together we can make a real difference.

Thank you for your trust in us, our technology and our expertise.  I believe that we will all emerge from this crisis stronger, with greater learning and innovation.  We are here to help with that, now and going forward.

If you need our help and advice, please contact 0161 495 4600 or 0161 495 4640 for Technical Support or send us a message online.

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