Digitalise Roadshow

After our final event in Ascot this week, our Digitalise Roadshow has now come to a close.

It's been a fantastic run of events, where we've taken attendees through a series of talks looking at the current technological landscape across manufacturing. We've been exploring the real need that exists to adopt digitalisation trends to gain and maintain a competitive edge and the barriers stopping people from doing so.

The signs are showing that the appetite to adopt digital technologies is there, with The Annual Manufacturing Report 2018 report conclusively demonstrating that the argument for new digital technologies has been won: manufacturers accept that the future of (successful) manufacturing lies in the adoption of advanced technologies we classify as Industry 4.0, or 4IR. With the report highlighting that:

  • 87% of manufacturers say they are ready to invest in productivity-enhancing digital technologies
  • 89% believe Smart Factory technologies will enable staff to work smarter
  • 92% believe Smart Factory technologies will enable them to increase productivity levels per headcount

And from our discussions at the events, we certainly can see that those attending agreed. At our events we took a closer look at the latest industrial digitalisation trends and the solutions available to help you to embrace the increasingly digitalised manufacturing environment.

Here's a rundown of some of the topics we discussed and how to find out more...


Digitally Modelling Operational Assets 

Digital Twin is a trend at the moment, and has been for some time. However, to have a complete or ultimate Twin, you need end to end Design, Simulation, Engineering, Operation, Maintenance etc linked together for a true Digital Twin view. This can be a barrier to adoption.

We have worked through the requirements within our market, for our customer base, to realise the benefit of the Digital Asset in the Operational to Maintenance space, i.e. not Design and Simulation. This is referred to as the Digital Asset or Living Twin, which represents the real-time attributes, collects the history of and provides the basis for predicting the future operation of the asset. It is fundamental to the operational element of the digital twin. 

Deon van Aardt, one of our Systems Architects, took attendees through an in-depth look at how to digitally model operational assets, which Wonderware System Platform 2017 allows you to do. Discussing the benefits to be gained by doing so.

He also presented how Wonderware technology is helping to drive the MTC’s Smart Manufacturing Accelerator project. Wonderware software will run within a remote-control centre, seamlessly displaying applications within a centralised Operations Management interface.

We'll be sharing much more about both these topics over the next couple of weeks.


Roadmap to Embracing Cloud Technology

Do you think the cloud is simply another way to store data or access email? It goes well beyond that, and can offer cheaper, faster, safer, more scalable ways for you to grow your business, develop new products and services, and much more.

Andy Graham, our Wonderware Product Manager delivered a talk about how to deliver a secure, managed solution for collecting, storing, visualising and analysing all your industrial data for faster, smarter business decision making.

If this is something you'd be interested in hearing more about Andy will be hosting a live webinar on this topic on the 13 December and you can register your interest to attend now.


Addressing the security issue

Of course, one of the barriers to the adoption of digitalisation technology can be the perceived increase in the security threat and it's true, to digitally transform, security has to be a major consideration.

At our events we delivered talks on both the vast importance of building SCADA solutions into architectures that are inherently secure, whilst also discussing the need for it to be effectively monitored and managed to ensure a continued secure environment is maintained.

We introduced our partnership with industry leading OT cyber security specialists, Claroty. Looking at how their anomaly detection solution can provide you with deep insight into your ICS networks.

We also explored the vast importance of effective Disaster Resilience strategy, the cornerstone to any Cyber Security Strategy, and provided a look at our Managed Service Proteus.


Keep an eye out on our blog over the next couple of weeks as we bring you more insights from what we shared across our events and how you can find out more.