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Extend Security with ThinManager

Unprecedented control and security in a sustainable and scalable platform.

ThinManager has been about security from day one. No data is ever stored on ThinManager-Ready thin clients, PXE-boot thin clients or on mobile devices using Relevance®. By default, USB drives will not be accessible on a ThinManager network of devices. All communication between clients and servers, including mobile device communication, is encrypted to ensure your automation network is only available to authorised users.

ThinManager’s support for Active Directory makes it a snap to set up users and groups in ThinManager while allowing you to keep Windows passwords obfuscated from end users. ThinManager also supports a wide range of authentication devices like Smart cards, RFID cards, fingerprint scanners and more. And, just like all other supported devices, ThinManager’s configuration wizards allow administrators to easily enable these devices without writing a single line of code.

ThinManager’s support for IP and USB camera overlays into your existing applications brings visual confirmation to any screen. This expanded view gives users the added safety and security of visually confirming what their applications are telling them.