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Forward Thinking at its Most Informed

In a world where everything is fast paced and on demand, why should our ability to make business decisions be any different?

When looking at your operations and production processes you need to be able to understand what is happening, when it is happening and what is causing any problems. Without this crucial information you can be left second guessing and spending days figuring out why problems are occurring in your production process.

Collecting and analysing data is something that most people dread, but that needn’t be the case anymore. With multiple devices across the plant that can all be connected to each other by IIoT technologies, the ability to centralise and interpret big data is something that no organisation should be without.

Managing Multiple Data Sources

Currently, data management for most organisations is in the “past state”, by this we mean that big data sits in silos and has to manually be pulled from each device, giving a view of historic data only. This is great for analysing and determining the root cause of a problem that has already happened - critical fault diagnosis, regulatory enquiries etc, but what about when you need real-time analysis or immediate operational improvement?

A data historian pulls your data from multiple sources and presents it in a single view, giving you sight of past, and current states. Using advanced analytic tools, such as Wonderware Intelligence and Wonderware Online InSight, is the key for adding context to your big data and allowing you to identify correlations between events that you may previously of thought were completely unrelated.

Forward Thinking

When your data has context behind it you are able to understand what happened, why it happened and predict when it could happen again. This, teamed with immediate access to real-time operational data from any device, means that you are always looking at the full picture and have complete control of any situation that may arise, wherever you are.

Wonderware offers a comprehensive Industrial Information Management (IIM) portfolio to help you transform your industrial data into actionable insights. With On-Premise and Off-Premise based Historians, Cloud based analytics tools and mobile reporting apps, you can have your critical data at your fingertips and never be caught off-guard.