Improve ICS Performance and Security

Did you know that SolutionsPT can help you to improve your ICS performance and security?

Our new Managed Platform solution enables you to optimise performance, increase availability and reduce unexpected downtime.

What is Managed Platform?

Managed Platform is a set of modular Managed Services designed for the Industrial Environment.

  • The modules enable manufacturers to increase the availability of critical plant floor systems.
  • The services are designed to give in-depth knowledge of system performance and asset utilisation, providing opportunities to increase efficiency and proactively reduce downtime.

What is a Managed Service?

Managed Services essentially uses a combination of a) Technology and b) Skills and Expertise to solve specific issues that plague Industrial IT systems and enable customers to pre-empt potential downtime and focus their efforts on performance and continuous improvement. The core of any managed service is proactive maintenance, and resolution of problems.

Why choose SolutionsPT as you Managed Service provider?

Over the past 3 years SolutionsPT has been delivering Managed Services across a number of customer sites in order to increase efficiency and the availability of critical plant floor systems.

“As a food manufacturer, downtime and disruption is something we must work hard to avoid. SolutionsPT Managed Platform specialists monitor the functionality and criticality of our systems, identifying and solving issues before they can have an impact on our operations”. | DairyCrest

By combining over 30 years of industrial control experience and real-time system performance insight SolutionsPT can proactively manage all your automation assets, maintain asset health, optimise system performance and increase control system security.

To learn more about our new Managed Platform solution, simply download our webinar: Introducing Managed Platform, by clicking here >