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What is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?

The IIOT vision of the world is one where smart connected assets (the things) operate as part of a larger system or system of systems that make up the smart manufacturing enterprise. The 'things' possess varying levels of intelligent functionality, ranging from simple sensing and actuating, to control, optimisation and full autonomous operation.

The smart manufacturing enterprise is made up of smart machines, plants and operations all of which have higher levels of intelligence embedded at the core. The linked systems are based on open and standard internet and cloud technologies that enable secure access to devices and information. This allows 'big data' to be processed with new, advanced analytics tools and for mobile technologies to drive greater business value.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is not about ripping out current automation systems in order to replace them with new ones. The potential lies in the ability to use the IIoT to link automation systems with enterprise planning, scheduling and product lifecycle systems.

This paper analyses how the linkage can be implemented across the complete enterprise value chain in order to enable greater business control. Experts also offer perspectives regarding key aspects of IIoT deployment.