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Introducing the new Hirschmann BOBCAT Switch

Belden, Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has released the new Hirschmann BOBCAT Switch.

The Hirschmann BOBCAT Switch is the much anticipated successor to the very successful RS 20/30/40 series of switches. This robust and powerful switch meets the needs of today’s industrial networks and, with its advanced security and high bandwidth capabilities, it is ready for the future.

“In the industrial and manufacturing sectors, the bottom line is driven by productivity and cost savings,” said Juergen Schmid, senior product manager at Belden. “The IIoT enables this level of efficiency through real-time communication between connected devices - from the factory floor up to the local cloud. Created with TSN and more security and flexibility, the Hirschmann BOBCAT Switch takes Ethernet to the next level and is equipped to work with the evolving needs of industrial facilities.”

With the Hirschmann BOBCAT Switch, industrial facilities can:

  • Simultaneously support multiple services on one network through TSN technology.
  • Limit downtime and ensure network protection through advanced security features.
  • Prepare for future network growth with increased bandwidth and speed capabilities.

SolutionsPT are a long-term expert partner to Hirschmann and have provided and supported industrial networking equipment for many years. Our highly qualified technical staff will help you to meet all of your industrial networking needs.

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