Minimise Unplanned Downtime with Modern Technology

Traditional systems are no longer sufficient for handling SCADA downtime.  Modern technology – virtualisation coupled with fault tolerance, mitigates unplanned downtime and enables manufacturing plants to operate smarter, faster and safer.

By 2020, our partner Stratus Technologies, estimates three-quarters of companies in the space will have adopted virtual server platforms for running SCADA, HMI, Historian and manufacturing execution systems (MES).

To find out how you can virtualise your plant applications and Manufacturing Execution Systems, why not access Stratus’ ‘Best Practices Kit for Modernising Automation’ to:

  • Improve performance with modernised Operational Technology
  • See how your peers achieve SCADA availability
  • Get the latest on how virtualisation can increase efficiencies and drive plant innovation
  • Understand what drives unplanned plant downtime and how to avoid it

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