Monitoring Real-time Operations with Axelia Insight

Axelia is the core module of our Managed Platform solution, that enables us to closely monitor your real-time operations to deliver predictive and preventative monitoring and maintenance of your automation infrastructure.

By monitoring the health and well-being of both the physical attributes of hardware and the process attributes of software within an industrial environment, our engineers can understand, interpret, filter and resolve alerts before downtime occurs.

How does it work?

Plant floor data is transferred via a secure VPN (known as Axelia Gateway) into the Axelia Cloud. Real-time data is then pushed into a bespoke ‘Axelia Insight’ dashboard here at our Cheadle offices. This is the window into your plant that our Engineers use to maintain high availability production levels within your organisation.

What are the benefits?

If you are currently experiencing problems with your control system that are hard to pin down or have intermittent communication issues between devices of SCADA nodes or latency issues on SCADA that you would definitely benefit from this technology.

“As a food manufacturer, downtime and disruption is something we must work hard to avoid. SolutionsPT Managed Platform specialists monitor the functionality and criticality of our systems, identifying and solving issues before they can have an impact on our operations”. | DairyCrest

Acting as an extension of your team, our SolutionsPT engineers are dedicated to maintaining the availability of your plant systems.  Our team can notify you of hardware failures and what equipment to replace often before production inform you of a problem. This proactive approach frees your team to work on other work, safe in the knowledge we are monitoring the hardware and network of the Automation System.

For more information about ‘Axelia Insight’ and monitoring real-time operations, simply download our datasheet by clicking here >