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Alarm Adviser makes way for native alarm development

The AVEVA Alarm Adviser product will come to end-of-life on 22 January 2020.

The decision to retire Alarm Adviser as a standalone product is to allow for heightened focus and continued investment in native alarm analysis functionality within the AVEVA on-premise SCADA/Historian offers and the integrated alarm analysis functionality within AVEVA Insight.


What does the end of life of Alarm Adviser mean for existing customers?

Existing customers can continue to use Alarm Adviser after the 22 January, as it will have continued support throughout the remainder of its Support Lifecycle. However, there will be no further developments or updates released.

Alarm Adviser 2017 is under Mainstream Support Lifecycle until 20 September 2020, Extended until 20 September 2022, and will transitions to Mature after that date.

Mainstream Support
Year 0 - 3

Extended Support
Year 4 -5 

Mature Support
Year 5+

  • Technical Assistance on issues and inquiries under the Customer FIRST Program
  • Patches and Services Packs that address product issues, and OS Security Updates
  • Hot Fix Requests
  • Technical Assistance on issues and inquiries under the Customer FIRST Program
  • Hot Fix Requests for specific product issues and limited support for Critical OS Security Updates
  • Technical Assistance under the Customer FIRST Program
  • Provides basic issue diagnostics and assistance using the knowledge base. In-depth research into your inquiry should not be expected in this phase
  • Instead, you are urged to upgrade to a current release in which the original issue(s) have been resolved


Alarm Adviser alternatives

Although there is no no direct Alarm Adviser replacement, the visualisation and identification of nuisance alarms can be provided within our SCADA or Historian alarm data sources with the addition of reporting packages (i.e Dream Report).

Whilst for more insights into real-time operational status and performance, AVEVA Insight is a secure managed cloud solution that collects and visualises disparate process and performance data on the fly, helping drive faster and more effective decision making.


If you have any questions or concerns about this announcement please get in touch with us.