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AVEVA Edge 2020 Overview

AVEVA Edge is a small-footprint, full-featured HMI that supports your embedded and OEM applications. Join SolutionsPT Marketing Manager, Deon van Aardt, AVEVA Edge Product Manager, Scott Kortier, Solutions Manager, Andy Graham and Chief Architect, Tim Harrison, in exploring what the newest release of AVEVA Edge can do.

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The four webinar hosts show you some methods for learning to configure remote machines’ HMIs directly from the operations layer to monitor machine status, OEE and performance. 

The video includes demonstrations of system deployments on Linux or Windows, native support for Industrial Graphics, support for MQTT Sparkplug B and integration with AVEVA Edge Management.

To watch the webinar, press play below:

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AVEVA Edge is a much more functional solution than people first realise. In the webinar, Scott takes us through the details surrounding AVEVA Edge, its scalability, management and development functionality. It’s an IoT gateway and/or HMI/SCADA node, linking your instrumentation through to your Edge devices, all the way up to cloud analytics and mobile access.

It offers three main benefits, of which Scott delves into in-depth:

    • Portability: The system can be run through multiple operating systems such as Windows, Windows IoT, Windows Embedded and Linux.
    • Mobility: AVEVA Edge can be accessed through multiple thin clients, meaning smartphones, tablets and other portable devices can be used.
  • Interoperability: A core feature of the product - AVEVA Edge has over 200 built-in drivers and the ability to talk to databases and cloud devices. 


Scott then shows us how AVEVA Edge offers ‘solution in layers’ - meaning it grants an EOM-focused template-driven solution where you can utilise customisation and templates when it comes to delivering a product. With the asset and site-agnostic templates, you can drastically reduce engineering costs for multiple deployments. 

It has a modular architecture that guarantees flexibility over time, being built from:

  • Layers of abstraction for communication.
  • Layers of abstraction for databases/ERP.
  • Layers of abstraction for hardware/OS platforms.
  • Layers of abstraction for proprietary systems (APIs).


In the final parts of Scott’s talk in this webinar, he covers the key takeaways you can consider when thinking of AVEVA Edge:

Comprehensive and Easy to Use

Mature, robust, reliable solution with native interfaces and tools to provide a high level of productivity.

Flexible and Open

Native portfolio integration and support to standards and extensibility for third-party system integration.

Sustainable and Affordable

Continuously evolving with flexible commercial models that suit your needs (CAPEX or OPEX).

Tim then takes us through a full demonstration of AVEVA Edge capabilities, but even he admits he’s only “scratching the surface” when it comes to the platform. To make sure you don’t scratch the surface of the system, click the play button above to get the true feel for the AVEVA Edge.

To find out more about AVEVA Edge and the other Edge to Enterprise system architectures, contact one of our specialists today. They’ll be able to help you discover how AVEVA systems can increase the overall performance of your industrial setting.

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