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AVEVA Edge to Enterprise 2020 Release

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of AVEVA’s Edge to Enterprise 2020 solutions. This collection of software releases spans across the entire HMI and supervisory control (SCADA) portfolio.

Each component of an Edge to Enterprise solution, from IIoT architectures and cloud-drive remote edge management to multi-site control, is an integral part of your operations. However, it is the integration of these parts and how easy they can work together that creates a holistic solution that improves visibility, decision making and reaction times to give you the confidence to operate for the future.


The Edge to Enterprise 2020 family of software releases include: 

Watch the webinar

Watch this webinar from AVEVA to learn about the latest releases across HMI SCADA portfolio (including AVEVA™ System Platform, formerly Wonderware and AVEVA™ InTouch HMI, formerly Wonderware) which deliver a fundamental step change in operational value. This Edge to Enterprise strategy is about empowering any customer of any size with unlimited scalability. 

Watch the pre-launch webinar

The combined releases enhance AVEVA’s customers’ experience in 4 key areas:

Workforce Enablement:

    • AVEVA InTouch HMI introduces a new mobile app, including full webclient with read/write access for real-time plant floor data.

Operations Agility:

    • Enhanced Development check in times for AVEVA System Platform, enabling operations to drive to continuous iterative improvements and change management.
    • New OMI Apps leverage the power of the Cloud (AVEVA Insight) to build artificial intelligence into the context of real-time decision making at the HMI SCADA level by automatically detecting and reporting operational anomalies. Also, troubleshooting PLC locks in real-time just got easier with visualization of runtime PLC controller logic for plant technicians.

Flexibility Licensing and Scalability:

    • Edge to Enterprise is engineered to be flexible - commercially, architecturally and technologically. Utilize unlimited capabilities, without constraints on tag counts, I/O, or web and thin clients. Add users without adding incremental costs, and build your system without limits.
    • AVEVA System Platform ensures backward compatibility that allows you to leverage your previous engineering effort (.NET controls and 3rd party libraries) in AVEVA Operations Management Interface, in addition to supporting layout scripting in OMI.

Standardization for increased efficiency: 

    • Common industrial graphics across the portfolio from Edge to Enterprise with a ‘Build Once and Deploy Anywhere’ cloud-based approach. User will be able to realize implementation efficiency and enterprise standardization across their operations.
    • Users will be able to remotely provision and manage and control IIoT edge devices (AVEVA Edge) from the cloud (AVEVA Integration Studio), thus reducing total cost of ownership for device and application lifecycle management (easier deployment, maintenance, updating configuration, built-in version control).

Open connectivity across Edge to Enterprise:

    • Extending System Platform’s publish subscribe communication down to IIoT edge devices leveraging MQTT SparkPlug enabling reduction of bandwidth utilization by 95%.
    • Universal OPC UA server support to publish any real-time data in System Platform to any other enterprise business system.


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