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AVEVA Insight 2020 Update

AVEVA Insight has been enhanced. Watch our webinar on the latest updates to the system, including condition-based asset health notifications, OEE reporting, expanded asset contexts and much more.

Featuring SolutionsPT Marketing Manager, Deon van Aardt, Solutions Manager, Andy Graham and Darren Fraser, AVEVA Insight Product Manager, the trio talk about the new updates to AVEVA Insight.

Simply click the video below to watch the webinar. 

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The AVEVA Insight updates come as part of the Edge to Enterprise portfolio. It’s about connecting customers to devices at the bottom level, empowering them with real-time information and transforming their businesses. 

It covers and supports areas such as asset locations, controls rooms and UOC and the enterprise level. Now, some of you may be wondering where AVEVA Insight fits into all of this, so hit the play button above to hear Darren explain it first-hand.

Darren explains it like so - AVEVA Insight is the next layer that helps bring information from assets, equipment and control rooms to a much broader audience. It’s a cloud-based system that supplies operations, maintenance and performance. It’s about consolidation and visualisation, helping you to make decisions in the long run. 

With the guiding hand of Andy in the webinar, you’ll see how AVEVA Insight works via a demonstration of the system by accessing the Insight portal, which connects to EU data centres (which reside in Amsterdam and Ireland respectively). 

He takes you through the portals, tools and how to get started with Insight by adding data. With intelligent search, you can see automatically-populated data for what you’re looking for. Then, through AVEVA Insight, you can create bespoke portals to see and save the details you’ve been investigating, exploring that data in an incredibly easy user interface.

Darren then takes you through the graphic implementations that can be shared from AVEVA InTouch HMI to AVEVA Plant SCADA through Insight’s cloud connectivity. He shows how you can leverage interactive symbols from on-site applications. These kinds of implementations open up the potential for richer graphics and editing tools to solve any specific graphic-related problems.

The webinar also explores how AVEVA Insight offers alarm integration. This means through your monitoring, Insight will automatically pull alarm data into your streams, giving you information on the time, who acknowledged it, what was the cause and other info. 

Evidently, this small description only scratches the surface of what the webinar talks about and what AVEVA Insight is capable of. To grasp the full extent of the enhanced AVEVA Insight, simply click the play button on the webinar above.

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