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AVEVA InTouch HMI (Formerly Wonderware) 2020 Updates

The AVEVA InTouch HMI has been updated and is going from strength to strength. In the latest release, users can benefit from an improved look, UI and workflow functionality along with an integrated, low footprint web client. InTouch HMI is the easiest way of getting your graphics into a web browser. You can discover all this and more in our webinar.

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Grab a hot drink and watch by clicking the image below, where SolutionsPT Marketing Manager, Deon van Aardt, Solutions Manager, Andy Graham and Senior System Architect, Stuart Palmer, explore the improved functionality of InTouch HMI.

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In the webinar, Andy covers the benefits of AVEVA InTouch HMI, focusing on the three functionalities it guarantees - the ability to connect, empower and transform your business. InTouch HMI is the market leader, renowned for its ease of use and the fact it's device agnostic.

He mentions that one of the reasons InTouch HMI has been so successful is it keeps up with the changes to modern technology:

"One of the big reasons as to why these things change is through technology that is coming through the market in trends that we’re seeing, trends like big data analytics… The key to this is that we actually want to drive that customer value." 

So in regards to AVEVA InTouch HMI, technology is the key enabler. This covers functionalities such as:

  • Big data analytics.
  • Digital twins.
  • Mobile devices.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Ubiquitous IoT connectivity.


Andy talks about where AVEVA InTouch HMI fits in within the AVEVA software family and how it operates with full connectivity between other platforms such as AVEVA Edge, AVEVA System Platform and AVEVA Integration Studio. It’s an integral part of the Edge to Enterprise offering and is used in one-third of industrial facilities worldwide. 

Later in the webinar, Stuart delves into the details of the latest AVEVA InTouch HMI release. He explains how the latest update has really captured increased engineering efficiency through several key improvements, such as:

  • The InTouch HMI Manager has had a facelift, with a modern look and new streamlined workflows.
  • InTouch HMI standalone applications with Industrial Graphics (formerly ArchestrA Graphics) with no need for the SQL instance.
  • Connect to AVEVA Historian from InTouch HMI with new native connectivity. It utilises the more efficient HCAL to record data at up to 1000 values per second. 


Stuart also takes us on a journey through the new tools within the software, such as Cross Reference, where you can now optionally look for InTouch tags in symbols in the Graphic Tools box not embedded in any window. Symbols can be called from libraries rather than having to be embedded. Essentially, InTouch HMI is a much better platform for collaborating across development teams.

He then takes us through how to use and manage cloud-based graphics which is a really significant change within the market. But that’s not all. There’s a wealth of information he delves into and the best way to discover all that is by clicking the image above.

Additionally, you can watch our other webinars on the SolutionsPT website.

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