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AVEVA Recipe Management 2020

AVEVA Recipe Management, a commercial off-the-shelf digital recipe management and recipe execution software for manufacturing operations, has had an update.

The very latest in digital recipe management secures consistency in product quality and processes and increases operational efficiency and plant throughput, aiding in your manufacturing operations transformation, through recipe execution automation and faster product changeover and equipment setup processes.

What’s new in AVEVA Recipe Management 2020?

In Recipe Management 2020, report deployment has been simplified and instructions for custom reports has been added to the documentation. Additionally, it provides support for the latest releases of System Platform and rolls up the hotfixes for the previous software version.

Support for Custom Port configuration

AVEVA Recipe Management can be configured using a port other than 443. Recipe Management is renamed AVEVA Recipe Management. Also, the URL to access AVEVA Recipe Management is updated to https://<hostname>:<portnumber>/RecipeManagement. The port number is displayed in the URL if the custom port other than the default port 443 is used during configuration.

Automated Report Deployment

Reports are deployed automatically when a server configuration to the specified Reporting Server has been provided.

Support for Custom Reports

AVEVA Recipe Management documentation is updated with instructions to support Custom Reports.

Support for AVEVA System Platform 2020 R2

Support has been added for Shared Components of AVEVA System Platform 2020 R2

How can it help you?

The software helps process engineers and recipe administrators, as well as plant operators, efficiently manage more product variations and execute product changeover processes securely and quickly for more recipe flexibility while maintaining production output performance.

Automation of Recipe execution and consistent download of formula parameter values enforces repeatable product quality to recipe specification. Role-based security, automatic item versioning, approvals for production use, and electronic history records provide governance to secure consistency of quality and processes and lowers the cost of regulatory compliance, including functionality supporting the creation of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or cGMP compliant implementations.

The control system-neutral software allows for a recipe management standardisation in manufacturing operations across heterogeneous automation system landscapes. The software manages formulas and procedures independently, to develop and manage product formulations centrally for being used in multiple production locations. Such standardisation of recipe management across equipment, process cells or even production lines, helps to speed up the new product introduction process and to achieve a faster time to market.

Check out the Recipe Management webpage for more.