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AVEVA’s HMI/SCADA 2020 R2 Release is here

We are pleased to announce the release of AVEVA’s HMI/SCADA 2020 R2 collection of software. This 2020 R2 release ushers in a new industrial operations experience harnessing the power of the cloud, web, and mobile apps enabling unified operations and connected workers!

The 2020 R2 release builds upon AVEVA’s approach of enabling operations with an Edge to Enterprise strategy. This strategy is not based on individual products, but the greater sum of our entire portfolio a single line of sight to better understand the entire business and achieve a new level of unified operations offering standardisation, remote work, and collaboration to drive real-time decision-making and optimisation.

Edge to Enterprise is the world’s first ‘portfolio as a service’ go-to-market strategy in the industry that recognizes customers need to scale uniquely and often differ in their digital maturity. AVEVA is the only industrial software supplier capable of offering a unified operations vision from Edge to Enterprise, where customers receive the flexibility to mix and match solutions for a highly comprehensive and scalable solution.


What products are included in this release?


What’s new in this release?

AVEVA™ Integration Studio

Cloud Storage and Management of Industrial Graphics
Share and collaborate on Industrial Graphics between projects and developers using Integration Studio for cloud storage.


AVEVA™ System Platform 2020 R2

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AVEVA™ InTouch 2020 R2

Hardening web security

Web Client Reverse Proxy Support for Secure Web Access
Use any 3rd party reverse proxy to access Web Client from outside the control network.

Web Client integration with AVEVA Identity Manager (AIM)
Web Client is integrated with AVEVA Identity Manager.  You can manage user authentication from a central location.

Performance Improvement & User Usability

Web Client Per-User Memory Tags
Configure any InTouch Memory tag to have a value per user in Web Client. This drastically improves the usability of the web client to support multiple users to view the same InTouch application concurrently.

Web Client Performance Improvement
Significant improvement in Web graphics rendering time and memory space.

Anonymous Connections with IFrame Connections
Simplifies access to Industrial Graphics embedded 3rd portals and websites without entering user credentials for specified graphics. This greatly improves usability when using read-only access to Industrial Graphics in 3rd party portals and websites.

SQL Data Grid Support in Web Client
A SQLDataGrid control in an InTouch application is transparently replaced by an HTML5 Web Widget based equivalent using the same configuration for display to render in the Web Client. Seamless without any re-engineering.

Empowering Connected Workers Beyond HMI

OPC UA Server
Provide real-time process tags data to enterprise and business systems using industry standards.

Mobile App Support for Different Web Servers
The AVEVA Mobile Operations app can now be used to connect the web servers of the visualization products in our portfolio: InTouch Web Server, Edge MA, PlantSCADA Web Server.

QRCode Scanner Web Widget
Use a mobile or tablet camera to scan a QR Code from InTouch and Web Client to dynamically bring up an HMI display or faceplate, operator work instruction or any other contextual information.

Web Browser Web Widget
Google Chromium based browser allows you to access modern websites from InTouch and Web Client.

[NOTE 1] Web Widgets work in both InTouch WindowViewer and the InTouch Web Client.

[NOTE 2] Both the Web Client and Mobile app support multiple language switching, allowing users to access an application in their preferred language.


AVEVA™ Edge 2020 R2

Industrial Graphics Enhancements

Style Management support
Create and modify styles for Industrial Graphics, including importing xml style libraries.

Tag Browser
Use the included tag browser for Industrial Graphics to shorten development time.

Symbol Export
Export Industrial Graphics as .aaPKG files to be shared with other products within the AVEVA portfolio such as System Platform and InTouch.

Prevent Import Overwrite
Choose whether or not to overwrite imported symbols with new options in the interface.

Improved Edge Arrays Support
You can now use Zero as index (TagName[0]), and Arrays of Classes (TagName[1].

Mobile Access Improvements

Trend Support for Indirect Tags
Mobile Access users can now use indirect Tags in Trend

Trend Duration and start/end tags
Use tags for times for Trends and duration in Mobile Access

AVEVA Edge IOTVIEW Enhancements

Performance Improvements
Take advantage of overall performance improvements and stability
Support Proprietary Files for Trends
Use Proprietary files for trends (not all types supported)
Support for Alarms with Proprietary Files and Database
Choose “proprietary” and “database” History Format for Alarms (not all types supported

AVEVA Edge General Performance Enhancements

Open() with Position and at Cursor Location
Use the Open() function and specify the location parameters to use the format Open("Main", 1) to open a screen at the current cursor location
Database Functions
Mobile Access users will see performance improvements when using database functions

File Functions
Mobile Access will see performance improvements when using file functions

Export Project as .ZIP
In the file menu users will find a new Export as zip option. This will work for general archive of the project, as well as for AVEVA Edge Management


AVEVA™ Historian & AVEVA™ Historian Client 2020 R2

Simple Unit Conversion
Simple unit conversion in Historian Client tools, SQL and REST (e.g. “liters/second” to “liters/minute” or “cubic meters/day”). It’s easy to convert engineering units that tag values are displayed in the client tools with ~600 predefined catalog units and the possibility of adding custom units easily.

Enhanced Excel add-in (64-bit)
Batch-oriented summary statistics: Build reports on Excel with the capabilities of slicing by using an event ID, batch number, or other value change (aka “slice by”) to get summary statistics Dynamically refreshing custom functions

Browser-based Historical Alarm Grid
New alarm grid on AVEVA Historian Client Web that can be easily filtered based on the model view or the AVEVA InTouch HMI alarm groups.

Alarm History
Expanding on the alarming integration features, now it’s possible to integrate alarm history with historical overlays directly from AVEVA InTouch HMI with simple configuration, as an alternative to AlarmDB Logger.

Data Replication Across Satellite Connections
Added support to data replication between historians across high-latency networks (multisecond ping times across network)


AVEVA™ Communication Drivers 2020 R2

Drivers Available for Installation
AVEVA Communication Drivers have been added to the installation media with the 2020 R2 release. Adding the drivers into the media facilitates start-up of projects and ensures customers can more easily leverage our communication offerings. The drivers are directly installable as optional selections from the 2020 R2 installation media, either as part of the communication drivers pack, or as a customized download.

OPC UA Client Tag Prefix Enhancement
Allows adding a prefix syntax to an alias set to simplify referencing of addresses that would otherwise be lengthy due to OPC UA syntax.

AVEVA Edge Specific

  • MQTT
    An updated MQTT driver supports the Eclipse Foundation Sparkplug-B specification in both Windows and Linux environments. The driver has also been enhanced to perform publishing optimization of the payload based on data changes and support store and forward when there is a network disconnect to the broker.
  • TI500
    Driver support for the Linux environment.


For all the information on the all new AVEVA 2020 product suite take a look at our webinar series!View our webinars now