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AVEVA Enterprise Asset Management Supports New Languages

Support for French, Spanish, and Italian have been released for AVEVA Enterprise Asset Management Classic Client R6.0.1 and Web Client R6.4. Making AVEVA Enterprise Asset Management available in multiple languages offers new opportunities, improves customer satisfaction, and facilitates ease of use.

Here is the complete list of currently supported languages:

APM  - enterprise-asset-management-tableTo complete the setup of a new language for the AVEVA Enterprise Asset Management software, the Classic language package needs to be installed and the new language configured for the Web Client.

The language used to display information to the user is based upon the language settings defined on the Employee Record or the language settings updated during their session.

Note that the display language only affects the software user interface. The data will stay in the language in which it was entered, regardless of the display language selected.

While multiple languages can be implemented within the same environment, some limitations do apply and can impact how you deploy your solution. Please check with support for a list of available language combinations. Additionally, the Web Client defaults to English if a translation is not available.aveva-enterprise-asset-management-supports-new-languagesEnterprise Asset Management is a comprehensive solution for providing maintenance management, spares, and inventory management, and provides complete procurement capabilities for asset intensive industries. With increased visibility into maintenance history, inventory, and procurement, customers can implement a preventative maintenance program that maximises return on asset investment.

AVEVA Enterprise Asset Management is one of the core software applications in our Asset Performance Management portfolio.