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Latest Model Driven MES 2.0 release

There's been some exciting new releases of model-driven MES content for the AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System over the last year and the latest one has just landed.

Two content packages have been updated - one for work order and another for job execution management, and a new content package - Inventory Management, added.

Model-driven MES content helps customers to get MES solutions up and running faster. With preconfigured workflows and related web forms for standard MES activities it is easy to dispatch a work order, execute a job, display the bill of material information or report material consumption and production results, all supported on any HTML 5.0 web browser.


So a bit more about the changes:


Inventory Management

The new Inventory Management package includes forms and workflows that allow supervisors to receive and manage inventory among lots and storage locations.

Features include:
    • Receiving material or items against a purchase order
    • Viewing plant inventory with filtering capabilities
    • Performing inventory transactions: Receive, Transfer, Scrap, Split Lot, Combine Lot


Job Management

The updated Job Management package includes forms and workflows that allow operators to manage jobs in a job queue, adding job production, and adding BOM consumption.

New features include:
    • Consuming from available inventory
    • Setting the default lot for consumed items
Job Execution


Work Order Management

The updated Work Order (WO) Management package includes forms and workflows that allow supervisors to manage work orders, a work order's job bill of materials (BOM) records, and a work order's job specifications.


AVEVA’s model-driven MES approach offers digital transformation of operational processes through configurable modeling and automation of operational workflows using Business Process Management (BPM) technology. 

Configurable modeling of work processes and related user interface enables sustainability, re-usability, and support for continuous improvement. This ensures lower ownership cost and reduced risk of MES project failure due to lack of flexibility after deployment.

The average benefits of implementing the AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System are clearly significant:

MES improvements

These latest releases demonstrate AVEVA's commitment to continuous improvement in this area and ensures that you can continue to improve and optimise the way you manage your operations.

If you're interested in finding out more about how a model-driven MES approach can help to guide you along your manufacturing operations journey download our webinar: Fulfil your MES needs with a model driven approach.

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