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Memory Leak in Citect SCADA 2018 Update 03

A potential memory leak has been discovered in the Citect SCADA 2018 Update 03, released November 12th 2018.

After calling PageDisplay the Citect client process leaks memory when using Full Screen mode ([Animator]Fullscreen = 1 or 2).

This issue has been fixed in Citect SCADA 2018 Update 04 (released December 10th 2018), which is available for download from the AVEVA Support Site and it is recommended to upgrade to this version.

Note : Citect SCADA versions 7.50 and 2016 are not affected by this issue.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please don’t hesitate to contact the SolutionsPT support team on 0161 495 4641 or email support@solutionspt.com