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Introducing Predictive Analytics in the Cloud

A new module for AVEVA Insight now enables us to bring you predictive analytics in the cloud

This new Predictive Analytics capability in AVEVA Insight means that you can now not only consolidate your on-premises data into one central cloud-based location, providing a powerful system for operational continuity, but you can also expose the results of the predictive analytics engine to more people in your organisation.

This increased visibility of asset performance and early detection of anomalies will help you avoid unscheduled downtime by making proactive responses possible.


Fix it before it's broken

Predictive Analytics uses Supervised Machine Learning to understand an asset's individual operating history and develops a series of normal operational profiles for each specific piece of equipment.

It then compares the known operational profiles with real-time operating data to detect the subtle changes in system behaviour that are often the early warning signs of pending equipment failure. An advanced alert manager and email notification provides near real-time updates on how well a plant or system is functioning.

AVEVA Insight – Predictive Analytics also includes an advanced analysis application for performing Root Cause Analysis on why an asset is not performing as expected. The software is not specific to certain types of equipment or processes, and the core technology and algorithms have been used in a wide variety of equipment health and performance monitoring applications.

Artificial Intelligence, advanced pattern recognition and sophisticated data mining techniques help to determine when a piece of equipment is performing poorly or is likely to fail. This early identification of equipment problems leads to reduced maintenance costs and increased availability, reliability, production quality and capacity.


AVEVA Insight – Predictive Analytics delivers all the benefits typical of predictive analytics such as:

  • Reduce unscheduled downtime
  • Prevent equipment failures and potential safety issues
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increase asset utilization
  • Identify under-performing assets
  • Extend equipment life

Watch this short video to see AVEVA Insight Predictive Analytics in action:

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