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We launch our Apprentice Academy to further our People First approach

Leading industrial IT solutions partner, SolutionsPT is celebrating the launch of its Apprentice Academy in its tenth consecutive year attaining the annual ‘The Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For’ award. The award has recognised consistently the positive workplace cultures at SolutionsPT that give people a sense of fulfilment and motivation, encouraging them to go the extra mile and delight customers – values which underpin the SolutionsPT ethos.  

John Bailey – Executive Chairman at SolutionsPT said: “Our continued success is down to our people and a company culture that supports and celebrates their continuous pursuit of knowledge, insight and understanding. Making what is possible into something real for our customers requires understanding and expert implementation of the best hardware and software available by the best systems integrators, and crucially, that must be combined with a deep understanding of the customer’s goals, a problem-solving mentality and a commitment to success throughout the whole lifecycle of the solution. We’re delighted to have been recognised for providing the environment in which our people can thrive. Our new Apprentice Academy goes that one step further to demonstrate our ‘People First’ approach.”  

SolutionsPT is committed to not only making the company an employer of choice but also training and preparing the next generation of digital transformation ambassadors. The SolutionsPT Apprentice Academy, which considers the changing face of digital transformation and the continuing convergence of the IT and OT worlds, offers a range of degrees to its apprentices, both technology and business to business sales related.  

This internal programme works with Universities and education providers to deliver apprenticeships from level three all the way to full Bachelors and Masters degrees. Throughout the course, each apprentice works with both a company manager and a mentor – a recent graduate from the same programme - and is tasked with a collaborative project that they present to the company. 
2020_Image_PR_Apprentice Academy_2SolutionsPT Academy Apprentices (LtoRLouis Alder, Joshua Thomas, Isabella Sarna, Tom Bohan, Jess Christie, Joseph Parfitt and Federico Fanella.


Louise Potts, People and Culture Manager at SolutionsPT said: “We recognise the skills gaps in industry today and how important it is for companies like ours to help bridge them when implementing vital new technologies for our customers. Nurturing the talent available to us through apprenticeships is central to our long-term success and to our vision of every industrial enterprise successfully harnessing digital technology. Our employees tend to stay with us for a very long time, so to receive the Sunday Times award for the tenth year in a row is very rewarding, and, combined with the success of the Apprentice Academy, shows that we are successfully adding depth to a highly skilled and motivated team”.  

The Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work For involves interviewing employees on eight factors of workplace engagement: leadership; my company; my manager; personal growth; my team; wellbeing; fair deal and giving something back. All elements come together to paint a picture of a company that gives ample opportunity for employee growth whilst simultaneously helping the community it is a part of.