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SolutionsPT - Claroty 2021 Partner of the Year in EMEA

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Digital transformation experts, SolutionsPT, AVEVA Select Partners for UK & Ireland, has received the coveted Claroty 2021 Partner of The Year EMEA award. The award was bestowed by industrial cybersecurity company Claroty who introduced its FOCUS Partner Programme last year to support their partners’ different business models and expand their ability to become trusted advisors on industrial cybersecurity. This year, Claroty is awarding partners that have made great strides in securing customer’s cyber-physical systems.

Sue Roche, General Manager, SolutionsPT said:
“As digital transformation partners, we are always working with world-class technology providers with the goal of improving our customers’ industrial operations. We bring together ecosystems that cover the entire digital transformation journey and an integral piece of that puzzle is cybersecurity. The Claroty Platform is one such technology, encapsulating three key capabilities: continous threat detection, secure remote access, and the enterprise management console. The platform has been fundamental to securing our customer’s cyber-physical systems across a broad range of sectors, allowing for early identification of anomalies in an OT network. Not only does this mean end users can react quickly, but third-party contactors can connect to the system in a secure and fully auditable way. Any level of access can be proved and tracked whether it was on or offsite. We are so pleased to receive the EMEA Partner of the Year award as recognition of our commitment to deliver the most secure solutions across the industrial landscape.”

Kelly Ferguson, Sr. Director of Communications, Claroty added:
“SolutionsPT is a prime example of what we look for in a partner, the sharing of knowledge and expertise goes both ways and we see them as an extension of our team. Their people first approach mirrors our company philosophy and, using technology to improve the lives of industrial operators, while protecting them from threats both cyber and physical with the Claroty Platform, is why we are pleased to announce them as our Claroty 2021 Partner of the Year EMEA.”

Delivering combined value

SolutionsPT understands that for meaningful advancement in digital transformation, industrial businesses need an understanding of their operations running throughout their company, from the edge of the network at machine level right to the top of the enterprise. Continuous Threat Detection from Claroty works in the same way, offering a full-spectrum IoT and OT visibility that monitor in real-time to protect customers from evolving threats.

Combining these capabilities with the SolutionsPT ecosystem creates a single digital thread that runs through an entire enterprise, offering the best route to continuous efficiency improvements while protecting customers at every touch point.

“Cybersecurity protection has been a vital consideration for industrial leaders ever since the introduction of the first IoT device and so it should be because as digital transformation advances, so do the threats. It is important for operators both on and off-site to securely, and simply, manage the entire enterprise and efficiently mitigate any vulnerabilities.” Concludes Sue.

There is no silver bullet when it comes to cybersecurity, customers have to align each piece of the puzzle to build up to a secure network and SolutionsPT is on hand to deliver just that.

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