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SolutionsPT now offer MDT Software

We are proud to announce that SolutionsPT is now able to offer the MDT autosave software as part of our recovery portfolio. Recovery is considered to be one of the cornerstones of any cyber security strategy, and we recognise the absolute importance of protecting your most valuable asset; your data.

AutoSave from MDT Software provides a secure central store of software for all programmable devices in the OT Automation layer. Integration into Active Directory ensures that only authorised users can access AutoSave to get the latest copies of software for modification and download, maintaining a full audit trail of who did what, where, when and why.

With the increasing targeting of Operational Technology (OT) assets such as PLCs by Cyber threats, there has never been a more important time to keep secure, up to date backups of all your automation programs.

The many varied devices used in the OT arena require specialist Change Management, Backup and Restore Software. These often sit outside of the capabilities of traditional recovery technologies and we see a surprising number of devices left unprotected. On occasions where our cyber security specialists have seen backups of these devices taken, they are usually sporadic, undocumented, and frequently not treated with the same level of care and attention given to servers and workstations.

Autosave fits in to our current recovery portfolio perfectly, and due to its highly specialised nature, it compliments our current offerings of Proteus and Veeam whilst allowing complete top to bottom protection of your critical infrastructure.

A robust approach to recovery will pay dividends during any incidents where data or entire systems need to be recovered.

When every second counts, the speed and ease of the recovery will help keep costly downtime at a minimum.

Find out more about how MDT could be utilised in your organisation:

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