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SolutionsPT welcome a brand new demo area to the Cheadle head quarters

UK and Ireland’s sole distributors for Wonderware software, SolutionsPT, are proud to announce the recent refurbishment of the social hub. With an urgent call for a fresh look and lick of paint, the  hub was put in makeover mode. Branded wallpaper designs and straight out of the box furniture were incorporated, giving a more contemporary feel and brighter look.

To expand the transformation, two Schneider Electric PODs have been added to a brand new demo area. These pods are completely interactive, providing the opportunity for visitors to test out the Schneider Electric drives and sensors, and also to see how Wonderware communicates with them.

Shortly before the Christmas period, Schneider Electrics Business Development Manager, David Dearden, visited SolutionsPT and gave a select group a rundown of the exciting new PODs. During his visit David took time to describe the key features of the machines and talked through each piece of equipment.

Attendees of David Dearden’s demonstration described the experience as “useful and eye-opening! Having an onsite demo area opens up a whole new experience for our customers. It’s great to see the products we talk about day in and day out working in the flesh”.

The demo area has been built to be a place for learning and getting hands on with the software that over 100,000 plants around the world use every day.