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Stratus ztC Edge Platform Added to our Growing Portfolio

We've joined forces once again with Stratus Technologies, a global leader in simplified, protected, autonomous Edge Computing solutions, to add the Stratus® ztC™ Edge platform solution to our growing portfolio.

ztC 110i -Thunderbird3-Small ImageHistorically, we have worked closely with Stratus to offer an advanced ecosystem of hardware and software platforms for industrial customers working to achieve digital transformation.

With the addition of the ztC Edge – a rugged, secure, highly-automated industrial computing platform that protects and delivers business critical applications quickly, reliably, and efficiently – we can work alongside Stratus to continue to provide Edge Computing value to customers in remote environments with limited IT resources.

Based on our existing and strong relationship with Stratus, we were naturally excited to expand our SolutionsPT portfolio to include the ztC Edge as part of our customer’s industrial projects. We’re able to deliver the fault tolerance our customers need along with the flexibility of having a truly robust hardware and software solution for rugged operational environments.

“We’re proud that the ztC Edge will support SolutionsPT customers in their Edge Computing projects,

“Through our growing partnership, we will help SolutionsPT add value for its customers and maximize revenue, quality and productivity at the Edge of their core business processes.”

Jason Dietrich, chief revenue officer at Stratus.

As a facility or plant manager you wear a lot of hats, an engineer, mechanic, motivator but IT specialist that's one hat you can do without. Trouble shooting your facilities computing platform could already be taking up too much of your time because it's a fragile patchwork of components that have been re-tooled to fit your needs.

Traditional IT solutions and even industrial PCs struggle to meet performance and reliability standards for the simple reason that they haven't been built for the job.

Well now there's something that is - ztC Edge from Stratus...


Could a rugged, secure, highly-automated industrial computing platform like ztC Edge help to transform your operations?

The first zero-touch, fully virtualised and self-protecting platform specifically designed for your industrial environment.

Get to know the ztC Edge