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Telemetry Server, new to Communication Drivers

Telemetry Server software is now available as part of the Communication Drivers Premier product (previously OI Servers Professional).

Communication Drivers forms part of the AVEVA Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity strategy as the inherent architecture of Communication Drivers allows for seamless integration of a growing number of devices. 

This latest update broadens the native connectivity of Communication Drivers to support geographically distributed SCADA and Telemetry applications, enabling you to expand your geographical reach. Making it perfect for geographically distributed industries such as Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas and Power (electric distribution), integrating disparate systems on a global scale.

This broader connectivity offering provides greater value to customers by enabling a more connected enterprise.

Telemtry Server Geographical spread

Large geographically distributed applications tend to be partitioned into sub-regions, and perhaps smaller regions within the sub-regions. This creates a need to have local monitoring and control, but also have the need to centralise the control and monitoring. Telemetry Server allows for Master/Slave Architectures as well.


Telemetry Server protocol support includes:

  • DNP3 (Master and Slave)
  • IEC 60870 (Master and Slave)
  • Modbus (TCP, RTU, ASCII)

Benefits of integrating this software within System Platform:

  • Native integration to System Platform (no DI objects required)
  • Application Server IO Referencing
  • Static - Direct tag (point) reference from Application Server to Telemetry Server
  • Dynamic - Remote tag (point) creation from Application Server
  • PCS redundancy support
  • Flexible naming convention of redundant pairs
  • Auto discovery of telemetry server nodes within galaxy
  • Store and Forward buffered data support (lossless data)
  • Secure end-to-end encrypted communication between Application Server and Telemetry Server

AVEVA Telemetry Server has been designed to be a stand-alone product, but tightly integrated with System Platform to deliver value where it is needed. It follows similar fault tolerant and distributed architectures, to ensure the highest integration and uptime.

Telemetry Server

Communication Drivers is hardware independent, so you have the flexibility to connect to any device or PLC with a uniform, intuitive interface efficiently and hassle-free.

It can help increase the availability of built-in system diagnostics for prompt troubleshooting and optimisation. Designed to support multi-instance capability, the device integration solution can help you reduce PLC connectivity configuration effort by almost 50 percent. 

To find out more about Communication Drivers, download the latest product datasheet or get in touch.