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ThinManager 11 – What’s it all about?

ThinManager’s latest version was released earlier this year, but what’s it all about, what do the latest features give you?

Those of you familiar with ThinManager will know already that it gives you an easy way to manage and configure your end-user terminals and to deliver all the centralised applications and content that your workforce needs to do their jobs.

We know that Thin Client networks are inherently more secure than traditional PC networks, but ThinManager increases security even further by employing powerful user authentication techniques and the ability to designate specific locations for content delivery within a facility.


So what further enhancements are in this latest version:

  • UEFI Support: Prior to ThinManager version 11, the ThinManager firmware required a traditional BIOS. Hardware manufacturers have started to drop support for Legacy BIOS. By supporting UEFI, ThinManager continues to be viable on the latest x86 thin/zero clients.
  • Display Client Groups: Like other ThinManager objects, Display Client grouping allows for better organization of Display Clients – especially for larger deployments.


Visualisation features:


More Flexible Touchscreen Navigation:

The USB touchscreen module is configurable for touch and hold time period to present Display Client selection and/or other ThinManager actions (i.e. Tile, Calibrate, etc.)

MultiMonitor Enhancements:

ThinManager 11 supports up to 7 displays

Security features:


USB Badge Reader Module

A new USB badge reader module enables ThinManager to support a broader range of badge reader manufacturers. This particular module works for badge readers that emulate a keyboard.

Mobility features:


Tiling, Virtual Screens, IP Camera for aTMC, iTMC:

Tiling, Virtual Screens and IP Camera support has been added to ThinManager’s Android and iOS mobile clients. This allows a Control Room style composite application to be taken mobile, allowing mobile users to monitor multiple sources of content simultaneously.

Additional features:

  • TermMon .NET Component: ThinManager’s existing TermMon ActiveX control has been made available as a .NET component. This enables end users who leverage .NET development environments to take advantage of ThinManager’s remote programmability capabilities.
  • Biometric Facial Recognition: ThinManager supports Facial Recognition using RealSense USB cameras, enabling a user to register a face at a ThinManager terminal and associate that face with a Relevance User. ThinManager’s implementation of Facial Recognition will learn a user’s face as it changes – allowing multiple faces (i.e.: with/without PPE) to be associated with a single user.


And also introducing the benefits of flexibility

I think we can all agree that ThinManager 11.0 has added many new features that will increase productivity, visualisation, security and mobility for its users.

In tandem with this, ThinManager have also introduced V-Flex, the new flexible licensing model which is a fundamental change from the previous static restrictive approach.


ThinManager users are now no longer bound by the traditional 5 pack increments meaning that licences can now be acquired ‘made to measure’ for the specific usage requirements. What's more, users can now take advantage of bulk purchase discounts and even split up their ThinManager real estate between unlimited networks and locations, no longer being bound to the restrictions which were in place previously.

You can now deliver ThinManager client connections with maximum flexibility on an as-needed basis to any of your facilities around the world. ThinManager V-FLEX licensing is a single ThinManager XLr individual terminal connection license that can be purchased one-at-a-time in any quantity and deployed over an unlimited number of ThinServer pairs (primary/backup) at an unlimited number of locations on multiple networks.


Advantages of a V-FLEX licencing package:

  • Central management of ThinManager client connections.
  • Use across multiple facilities—no limitations on the number of locations, networks and servers.
  • Ability to purchase and add additional licenses only when and where they are needed with volume discount pricing.
  • Access to a private ThinManager license server portal for creating and distributing licenses for use.

So, if you want to find out more about the latest update or just how ThinManager can help your business get in touch.