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What's new in AVEVA System Platform 2020

If you’re looking to empower your workforce and deliver a more connected industrial or manufacturing experience, go ahead and watch our webinar on the latest updates to AVEVA System Platform.

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AVEVA System Platform and AVEVA InTouch HMI have been upgraded, with the platform experiencing a performance overhaul, taking graphics, cloud storage and InTouch OMI to the next level. Experience data-driven visualisation, improved scripting capabilities and .NET control support plus so much more. 

In our webinar, SolutionsPT Marketing Manager, Deon van Aardt, is joined by Solutions Manager, Andy Graham, and Systems Architect Manager, Charlotte Smith, as they talk about a part of the Edge to Enterprise offering. You can watch the webinar below.

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While the name has changed from Wonderware to AVEVA, these digital solutions for the industrial sector are still providing the same 30+ years of experience in their makeup. Our webinar dives into how the latest System Platform release guarantees the latest additions for an integrated, low-footprint web client. It’s also the easiest way of getting your graphics into a web browser.

The Edge to Enterprise platform offering revolves around three main functions: connect, empower and transform. It’s about providing digital solutions for industrial and manufacturing processes that help develop smart factories to capture the following:

  • Empower employees.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Increase efficiency.

In the webinar, Andy states this kind of technology is about transforming our factories through IT to OT conversions. And this is down to changes in the technology available. Here at SolutionsPT, we work on an agile development methodology to evaluate new technology to implement the right software for you. 

This webinar covers the complete solutions that we offer, from AVEVA Connect to AVEVA Insight and beyond and how we can scale these solutions for your business. It’s about letting you know our portfolio has the wide scope needed for supporting businesses all the way from Edge to Enterprise.

The guys talk about how customer journeys are integral to knowing what kind of solutions work for you, depending on the maturity of your business. For example, the more mature your business, the more value you can extract from industrial software. At the highest level, Andy explains the Enterprise Integration guarantees an adaptive level of value for customers, where you’ll experience:

  • Integrated business systems and automation.
  • Enterprise-wide data exchange.


AVEVA System Platform is also offered in a very commercially flexible way. We simplify our offering through AVEVA Flex, a system where you can purchase subscription-based credits and mix and match our product offerings. That means you have access to the entire range of products and can dynamically align your usage of these per your business demands.

Further in the webinar, we expand upon those key themes we mentioned, covering:

  • Increased engineering efficiency.
  • Improved user experience/usability.
  • IT compliance/hardened security.

He explains the new changes for the 2020 AVEVA System Platform release. For example, there’s a more modern look and feel for the new InTouch HMI Application Manager. Intouch standalone applications can now have industrial graphics built into them without the need for an SQL database. Plus, you can now directly connect to AVEVA Historian from Intouch HMI, so you can record data at a much higher resolution and at much faster speeds - of up to 1000 values per second.

Andy explains the easier usability of AVEVA System Platform. New abilities include having a much more streamlined graphics application process. He also walks us through some of the new functionalities, such as connectivity to AVEVA Historian. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for what Andy covers but you can find out more by clicking the image above.

This webinar also ends with a Q&A section where we answer the questions asked by the live viewers. You might even find an answer to something you were curious about.

You can watch these webinars on the SolutionsPT website as well as look through our extensive back-catalogue of previous additions.

For more information on what platform systems are the right ones for your business use-case or what SolutionsPT can do to integrate your industrial and business levels, contact us today.

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