OT Cyber Security - Managed Platform (Proteus Demo)

Chris Whitehead, Managed Platform Product Manager

Are you protected?

In the past, industrial control systems depended on isolation, proprietary networks and hardware, and were deemed immune to the network attacks more prevalent in the IT world. This complacency is now misplaced. It is now essential to assess whether your ICS is protected from attack, and whether you have a robust disaster recovery strategy in place should an attack take place?

Our cyber security webinar series provides guidance from our SolutionsPT experts and partners on taking a staged approach to ‘designing-in’ defence strategy at every level of the ICS, delivering long-term cyber secure architectures, protected from both external threats, and the threats within.

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Managed Platform (Proteus Demo)

An introduction to the managed platform Proteus solution, our premium business continuity and disaster resilience service.  In this session we will cover the fundamental elements of Proteus which include:

  • Fully managed backups
  • Hybrid cloud technology
  • Instant virtualisation
  • Backup Insights
  • Ransomware detection

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