OT Cyber Security - The Threat Within


Presenter: Jay Abdallah, Global Director - Cyber Security Solutions, Schneider Electric

Are you protected?

In the past, industrial control systems depended on isolation, proprietary networks and hardware, and were deemed immune to the network attacks more prevalent in the IT world. This complacency is now misplaced. It is now essential to assess whether your ICS is protected from attack, and whether you have a robust disaster recovery strategy in place should an attack take place?

Our cyber security webinar series provides guidance from our SolutionsPT experts and partners on taking a staged approach to ‘designing-in’ defence strategy at every level of the ICS, delivering long-term cyber secure architectures, protected from both external threats, and the threats within.

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The Threat Within

Industrial control systems in the past depended on isolation, proprietary networks, and hardware. Once they were thought to be immune to the network attacks that have wreaked havoc on information systems. Unfortunately, recent experiences prove this complacency is misplaced – the move to open standards such as Ethernet, TCP/IP and web technologies has let hackers take advantage of the industry’s ignorance.

This discussion includes a brief summary of the recent ICS attacks and looks at the lessons that can be learned from these security events, before shifting our attention to ‘Defense in Depth’ solutions. We will discuss the Schneider Electric security commitment and recommended layers of defense in depth, as well as the importance of maintaining an infrastructure post implementation.

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