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Prescriptive Capabilities added to AVEVA APM Portfolio

Our Asset Performance Management (APM) portfolio has been significantly enhanced with the launch of AVEVA APM Assessment, AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimisation and AVEVA Asset Strategy Library, completing the integration of the recently acquired MaxGrip software solutions. 

Adding to AVEVA’s comprehensive preventative, condition-based and predictive capabilities, the integrated solutions empower the workforce to execute prescriptive guidance across engineering, operations and maintenance, resulting in improved efficiency, safety and reliability.

AVEVA’s investment and integration of APM technologies has also earned recognition as a market leader in the upcoming Frost & Sullivan Global Asset Performance Management Market Report.


Key highlights:

  • AVEVA’s APM Assessment benchmarks a company’s current practices against best in class performance
  • AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimisation balances risk, cost and performance of assets
  • AVEVA Asset Strategy Library contains equipment failure data and preventative maintenance for the top 100 commonly found assets from 20 years and 22,000 man-years of experience!

Hundreds of truths, but which one to choose?

Register to watch the on-demand webinar from our partners at AVEVA to discover how to find the right balance and optimise asset strategies in record time.

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AVEVA Asset Strategy Webinar


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