Preventing failure with Stratus ftServer

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin.

Old Ben was pretty smart.  He recognised that preventing a crisis is infinitely preferable to cleaning up the mess a crisis inevitably creates.

And so it is with information processing.  For 37 years, Stratus has been preventing computing problems before they happen, eliminating that need to clean up after.  Our ftServers and V-Series systems utilise a unique deployment of completely redundant system components so that any failure, anywhere in the system, is ridden through, with no loss of system availability, processing, or data.

Users of Stratus systems never experience loss of system availability due to component failure.  Better still, is that this inherently redundant approach also results in a compute server that is utterly simple to set up, manage, maintain and service.  Any business with an application which can’t tolerate downtime should be looking at a Stratus system to prevent crises before they occur.

Especially now, with the release today of Stratus’ newest 9th generation ftServer, featuring the latest in Intel® Xeon® processing and larger, higher bandwidth memory to handle more compute and data intensive workloads.  Our internal benchmarks show 34% faster application performance with these latest systems, compared to previous versions. Other enhancements result in faster boot times and improved remote management responsiveness.

To download the latest Stratus 9th generation ftServer datasheet, click here >

Author: Chuck Hafemann, Stratus Technologies