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Protection against Ransomware

In the wake of the big scare of a few weeks ago, every other conversation I have with friends and family includes questions about cyber security.  What they really want to know is “how do I protect against ransomware?” – Sadly, for the home user, the options are limited.

We however, in the industrial market, find ourselves in the fortunate spot of having access to Disaster Resilience Managed Services.

Our Disaster Resilience Managed Service, Proteus, will not stop the infection.  It will not directly prevent that heart-stopping moment when the demand for BitCoin appears on your screen.  What it will do is tell you, quickly and clearly, that you have a problem and enable you to retrieve your data.

Proteus can and will detect the mass changes of files that are the core of a Ransomware attack.  So, how does this help protect against Ransomware?  Well, after the initial detection, Proteus then enables you to recover your critical data from a ransomware attack via multiple options:

  • Use Local Virtualisation to run a backup of your machine on the Proteus Vault. This will exist in total isolation from your network and other machines. The access this will grant you means that you can find the infected files and then purge them from this and other recovery points in your system
  • Diskless or Bare Metal Restore can be utilised quickly, to return machines back to production, without the frustrating running back and forth you can experience with recovery disks and versions of ghosting software – a USB stick and your existing network is all you will need.

Proteus will give you the confidence that critical data is recoverable.  To learn more about our Disaster Resilience Services, click here >