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Our response to Coronavirus

SolutionsPT will continue to monitor closely the evolving situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We are actively prioritising the health, safety, and well-being of our people and those they encounter. SolutionsPT will continue to take guidance and align our position with that of the UK and Irish Government and World Health Organisation.

Specific to the COVID-19 outbreak we are providing an outline of key preparedness activities to ensure continued service delivery and normal operations as far as possible.

Impact to location

We see minimal impact to our customers because:

  • 95% of employees have the capability to work seamlessly from home with access to all necessary business systems.
  • We naturally spread our expertise between individuals to avoid single point failures.
  • Customer Training courses – Based on advice received, should it be necessary to cancel these, we will be flexible in allowing delegates to re-book on a course being run later, either as a virtual course or at our office.

Impact to systems and service

We expect to continue with delivery as normal:

  • All our customer support engineers have the capability to work from home, with all necessary tools and systems to facilitate diagnosis and resolution to issues.
  • Our software products are either delivered electronically or held in stock.
  • Our hardware products have a supply chain that involves other countries such as China and the USA. We are coordinating closely with those suppliers to ensure delivery estimates are reasonable.
  • We will assess individually any requirements for attendance to site. We will make use of collaboration working tools, such as Microsoft Teams to facilitate virtual meetings and work where necessary.

Impact to People

We expect to be able to retain an active core team of our people:

  • Within our Technical, Sales and Marketing teams we have individuals who are subject matter experts in our core disciplines with geographical diversity.
  • Our Suppliers are globally diverse and provide a layer of backup to our resources.
  • Response times may be extended in some extreme cases.

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