Security Benefits of a Thin Client Architecture

It’s a widely held concern that legacy Industrial Control Systems in the UK are vulnerable to targeted Cyber Security attacks, due to ageing operating systems.  Additional to this, security vulnerabilities also exist in plant floor hardware, software, and the ongoing risk posed by genuine human error.

As Industrial Control Systems were not designed with cyber security in mind, and have evolved over time with a multi-generation installed base, the challenge is finding a flexible solution that increases system security.

During a recent webinar we looked at some of the practical steps manufacturers can take to protect critical business applications from security risks, whilst delivering improved availability and increased efficiency.

If you would like to understand some of the practical steps you can take to secure your industrial architecture, simply download our recent webinar by clicking here >

Webinar Highlights:

  • Security concerns within Industrial Automation and Market Trends
  • Industrial Control System vulnerabilities
  • How architecture design can improve ICS security
  • Security benefits of deploying Thin Client Architectures and Virtualised Systems