Stratus Alert 3269 - Automated Uptime Layer (AUL) Release for Windows is Generally Available

Stratus has let us know that Automated Uptime Layer (AUL) Release (build 3424) for ftServer Windows systems 29x0, 49x0, and 69x0 is Generally Available (GA) as of 15-Aug-2019.


Available fixes

CR:spot00170207 FR:spot00170209

ftServer Host will now retry sending the command to BMC when there is no response from BMC. If retries fail, BMC will be marked broken.


CR:spot00170308 FR:spot00170320

Dump-n-go on Hyper-V enabled systems with 640GB of memory failed due to time out.


CR:spot00169955 FR:spot00170144

Deported disk fails to come into service when inserted with the message "163289: cru1 -- WatchdogTimer -- RESENDING BusChangeDetected"


CR:spot00164550 FR:spot00170083

Update BIOS and BMC firmware to golden release for ftServer 2900/4900/6900.


CR:spot00160286 FR:spot00171041

Windows hotifxes and update rollups can undermine the brownout sluggishness patch.


CR:spot00170562 FR:spot00170617

Incorrect hotfix verification message for KB4345418 during new IPL.


CR:spot00170691 FR:spot00170696

A disk that is reporting hardware errors may not get removed from the system in a timely manner, leading to extremely poor system performance.


CR:spot00169661 FR:spot00170750

Simplexed RDR disk will not be taken out of service when a WRITE FAULT is encountered.


CR:spot00170517 FR:spot00170885

Rare case of latent parity error within boot block cache of a simplex cpu can result in unexpected system restart during bringup of partner cpu.


CR:spot00170793 FR:spot00170818

Windows March 2019 rollups for W2K16 can cause compatibility issues with Hyper-V enabled systems. This can result in failure to partner or unexpected hang.


CR:spot00170807 FR:spot00170872

Include Stratus Service Agreement in EULA display during Install/IPL and SysPrep.


CR:spot00170580 FR:spot00170958

IO enclosure might get shot and not return back to service after encountering PNP Hang while U117A adapter handles Jumbo packets.


CR:spot00171043 FR:spot00171048

Due to a timing issue RDR Verify Scripts sometimes fails to verify All the RDRs disks.


CR:spot00164547 FR:spot00171115

Add StrataDOC support for ftServer 2900/4900/6900


CR:spot00171142 FR:spot00171143

Windows April 2019 rollups for W2K16 can cause compatibility issues with Hyper-V enabled systems. This can result in failure to partner or abort of microsync function.


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