Stratus® Product Alert (3251) from SolutionsPT

This alert announces the availability of BIOS firmware rev 7.0:31 for ftServer models 2710, 4710 and 6410. This BIOS version has the fixes described in the issue section.

This alert announces the availability of BMC firmware rev 3.31 for ftServer models 2710, 4710 and 6410. This BMC version has the fixes described in the issue section.

************************************************************* Important Notes ***************************************************************
Read alert-3017 for systems with a BIOS Revision less than 7.0:27; Running Hyper-V on Windows 2008/2012 or Guest Windows VM may crash or
experience unpredictable behavior.

Systems with a BMC Revision less than 3.18, which have the ASN Modem configured, read and follow the Important Notes provided in alert-3126.
Otherwise BMC can be upgraded with no special procedure.

Sites Affected:

ftServer models 2710, 4710 and 6410 (Cygnus-I platform)


The following issues are addressed in BIOS firmware rev. 7.0:31
FIXED ISSUES BIOS 7.0:31 (since 7.0:27)
[BZ 5115] BIOS update to include the uCode patch for Spectre 3a and 4.
[BZ 4922] IVT: add Security MSR support to microcode for Spectre threat

The following issues are addressed in BMC firmware rev. 03.31
FIXED ISSUES BMC 03.31 (since 3.25)
[SZ 35711] Add new ASN Certificate
[BZ 4971] ASN: If the ASN ppp password or call-in password includes the character "y" then the password becomes incorrect.
[BZ 4973] ASN: small memory leak in XML processing files
[BZ 4605] BMC does not behave properly after changing it to Alien
[BZ 4607] BMC 04.66 have iUSB issues after FW burn
[BZ 4624] BMC04.66 have retimer burn issue.
[BZ 4365] OpenSSL is renew to the latest edition 1.0.1t
[BZ 4402] GUI: Screen of Remote KVM displays a striped pattern
[BZ 4520] JumboFrame packet is not available
[BZ 4525] Thread alive monitoring
[BZ 4526] Add smashclpd process to processmanager
[BZ 4527] Response of another IPMI command is returned at KCS
[BZ 4528] Delete SEL in I2C Bus Non-Fatal Error (Offset = 0Bh) in HA Event
[BZ 4551] Segmentation Fault occurs when execute GetSessionInfo via UDSChannel.
[BZ 4553] BMC stall when writing data of more than 120KB to Remote Media.
[BZ 4554] There is a case where can't inhibit NMI generate.
[BZ 4555] root password can be changed.
[BZ 4558] SIGSEGV occurred at IPMIMain when execute Set User Name.
[BZ 4559] Initialization size in SessionTbl is wrong.
[BZ 4560] There is a case where smashclpd don't close file descriptor.
[BZ 4561] BMC PET-Alert correction for VMware.
[BZ 4503] BMC should clear RTC Reg B-Bit 5, during reboot
[BZ 4507] Autonomous call home no longer works since we introduce OpenSSl 1.0.1
[BZ 4521] Number of sessions count is increased illegally
[BZ 4424] Memory leak occurs by ssh connection

Action Required:

Read the "important notes" provided in the "Summary" section and handle accordingly

BMC 3.31 and BIOS 7.0.31 are tested and released for Windows and ESX. It is recommended to update the AUL (Stratus Automated Uptime Layer) to the most current version. For each major AUL release testing is done on the most current version only; 9.1 (Win) and 6.0 (ESX), but is implicitly supported on earlier versions. (See Documentation Section)

The BIOS can but does not have to be updated before the BMC, the update sequence does not matter, At the end the system should be running with BMC 03.31 combined with BIOS 7.0:31.

The BIOS and BMC firmware update procedure is documented in the OS relevant customer documentation. (See Documentation Section).

Update 2710/4710/6410 BIOS to rev 7.0:31 using the firmware file 062-01215bios7.0.31.rom

Verify that the value of each BMCs Op State: State is Duplex

Update 2710/4710/6410 BMC to rev 03.31 SDR 3.03. Using the firmware file 062-01215bmc_b00.09r03.31s03.03.bin

Note: 2710/4710/6410 BMC firmware uses a different SDR version and is not compatible with the 2700/4700/6400 platform.

Internal Firmware Files location:


External Firmware Files location:

Available fixes

BIOS Firmware Rev 7.0:31
BMC Firmware Rev 03.31


Any questions call SolutionsPT support team on 0161 495 4641 or email

alert-3017 Windows 2008 R2/2012 Hyper-V Host or Guest VM Bugcheck
alert-3018 BIOS 7.0:27 and BMC 03.18 firmware update available for 2710, 4710 and 6410 ftServer systems.
alert-3126 BMC 03.25 firmware update for 2710, 4710 and 6410 ftServer systems

* The BIOS and BMC firmware update procedure for ftServer running Windows OS:

* The BIOS and BMC firmware update procedure for ftServer running ESXi OS:

* OS Release Info for Stratus Server;