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The Most Reliable Plants are not Always the Most Profitable

The statement that ‘the most reliable plants are not always the most profitable’ may appear at first glance to be counter-intuitive, but it’s entirely consistent with our similar approach to high availability industrial IT Solutions – not every server should be replaced with a Stratus Fault Tolerant Server!

Risk Based Maintenance

So, what is the optimum strategy? To achieve production goals, you need to develop a maintenance strategy that is optimised specifically for your business. Risk based maintenance is a philosophy to find the optimal maintenance strategy for each asset, based on the criticality of that asset. Criticality can be defined as the impact that asset has on your production, cost and safety objectives.


Too little maintenance and assets will break-down at an unacceptable rate leading to high emergency maintenance costs and a culture of ‘fire-fighting’, too much maintenance leads to a direct cost increase and under-utilised assets that will impact profit margins.


Our Solution – AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimisation

AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimisation software has been successfully deployed all over the world, bridging OT and IT disciplines and driving digital transformation.

Working together with our consultants the software generates optimised maintenance and spare parts strategies by utilising existing data held within the Enterprise Asset Management system. This is done by looking at the company’s business strategy and objectives and then prioritising actions down to an individual asset level to maximise return on investment.

Extensive value is derived from the 22,000 man-years of experience captured within the Asset Strategy Library, addressing the most commonly found asset types in asset-intensive industries and assuring rapid deployment and a typical return on investment within 12 months.



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