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Thoughts From The Road - Xchange 2022

It may surprise some of you to learn that I began my career in a very different industry than the one we work in today, I hold a degree in Genetics and spent a few years In a lab, researching new antibacterial drugs. (Small talk on the active sites of 3-dehydroquinate synthase… anyone?)

I’ll level with you, I took that course because I wasn’t sure what else to do & I’ve always been fascinated by the larger questions in life, why are we here? Where have we come from? Where are we going? – No, surprises, 22 years on and I’m still struggling with the answers.

Of the few things that stuck with me from my Uni days, was that one of the greatest evolutionary traits humans have ever developed was… “The whites of our eyes.”

Humans are the only animals with obviously visible eye whites, with irises that are much more prominent and therefore readable. We can easily tell where someone is looking and often, what someone is thinking. It’s often cited as the one of the main factors in building trust, enabling cooperation and fostering good working relations with those we might not know so well.

Since the advent of COVID, many of us have been forced to revaluate our working habits, Remote working, working from home, silos of talent, call it what you will. Teams and Zoom Meetings (with the occasional cameo from the family pet) have become the norm.

Along with virtual meetings came great fanfare of efficiency and working flexibility. Whilst I have to admit, there is much to admire and agree with in this line of thinking, I can’t help but feel that nothing beats the benefits of meeting folk in person, looking them in the whites of their eyes and really getting a feel for their character.

So it is with great pleasure that we can announce we are holding our first live AVEVA conference event for Partners and End Users in over 3 years!

Please join us a Xchange in Ireland in cork on the 7th and the 8th and 9th of November at the Belfry in Birmingham.

Invite a customer or two along with you and take advantage of some fine food, the chance to play a round of golf on the Brabazon Championship course or take control of a shotgun for a clay pigeon experience.

It’s a great opportunity to throw off the shackles of our post covid restrictions, have some fun. Most importantly offer your clients the chance to take a long hard look at the whites of your eyes, build that trust and foster closer relationships.

Entry to the conference is free, register here now

What will the conference offer I hear you say?

A first look at the latest release of 2023 AVEVA technology, the chance to hear from and rub shoulders with, senior AVEVA delegates, and hear testament from customers who use the technology to overcome their business challenges on a daily basis.

Not to mention thought leadership, Technology Roadmaps, Product Demos. It’s also a chance to get you mitts on the latest technology from AVEVA and our wider product portfolio.

Get a front row seat on the latest human technological innovations the world has to offer. Technology that has the potential to disrupt the world, provide sustainable solutions to the energy crisis, reduce food shortages, or improve and modernise working conditions.

Tools that you can leverage to add serious value to your clients.

Just like you, I have a thirst for knowledge, a passion for new technology, I love seeing projects evolve and with them humanity progress, grow, and learn, that’s one of the main reasons I feel very fortunate to work in the Operational Technology sector.

It would be great to see you there!