Virtualisation Advantages

The concept of virtualisation is not a new one. It has been a feature of corporate IT departments for several years and IT professionals have been successful in encouraging companies to adopt this technology due to the demonstrable benefits it has for business.

There are a number of reasons why IT departments are pushing virtualisation technology:

  • Due to the ability to consolidate hardware there are substantial economic savings from using less physical machines.  This in turn leads to a reduction in energy usage, so costly energy bills are brought down dramatically. Also, because virtualised applications are insulated from hardware and software shifts, the life cycle of the machines are extended, and delivers better return on investment for the business.
  • Fewer machines mean faster deployment, so new functions can be applied much quicker. With just one central control, maintenance will only ever need to be carried out in one location, rather than at several server locations – again saving time and money.
  • More sophisticated backup operations eliminate data loss.
  • With the introduction of failover technology, users can rest assured that there will be high availability and, often, zero downtime.