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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to put a hold on everyday life, what’s become clear is the importance of normal, hard-working people. Not just our heroic NHS staff that are on the frontline of the crisis but also other essential workers like carers, delivery drivers and public transport workers.

To keep the country stocked with essentials, many manufacturing workers are also still needed to produce food, medicine and other vital items. This means organisations sitting along key supply chains are also required to continue their work.

Helping You With Remote Access

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If you’re a part of this group, then we know how challenging it can be to continue operating as normal during these difficult times. That’s why we’re here to help.


Secure Remote Access to Keep Your Business Running

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have had to adapt to the difficult circumstances caused by the pandemic. For some, it’s quite a natural transition and is made easier by the cloud and innovative communication tools. 

However, for others, the crisis has exposed gaps that aren’t easy to fill when everyone’s forced to stay at home. Every situation is different, but you might have noticed key roles within your business which can’t be carried out at the moment. For example, there might be vital work that’s restricted to the plant floor or older colleagues who need to self-isolate. 

To keep your business running and meet consumer demand, you’ll need to make sure staff have the same information and access they normally would. To help, we’ve provided some ways to help extend key data out to colleagues who might be working from home to continue your business’ efficient operations. 

View these blogs now to see how you can support your operational resilience and ensure business continuity despite everything that’s happening. They’ll outline how Secure Remote Access (SRA) can enable your staff to access the plant while working from home. 


Turning Crisis Into an Opportunity

The current situation is incredibly difficult, but it does give you the opportunity to evaluate business performance. The most effective way to make sure your business thrives once everything is back to normal is to take this time to make positive changes. 

For example, you might have noticed single points of failure. So, now would be the perfect time to get other colleagues up to speed so they don’t make the same mistakes.

We know how difficult it can be to schedule training during a normal week and if something does have to be sacrificed, then it's usually training. The current situation is a good opportunity for everyone to brush up on the basics and then forge on to learn new skills. Just because staff are working from home, it doesn’t mean they can’t return to work in the future with a new set of skills. 

We're continuing to support our customers in training with our courses which are all available virtually. AVEVA is also providing free access to its eLearning training courses. Follow the link to browse the many courses on offer to see which are applicable to you. Some of the most popular focus on alarm modes, exporting/importing objects and application models. 


Get in Touch to See How We Can Help

The SolutionsPT team is continuing to work (from home) to help our customers navigate these uncertain times. We know how stressful this situation is. It's why we’re on hand to provide expertise, advice or solutions to ensure your business is protected, even if no one is physically there to do it. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch today if you have any questions, concerns or you’d like to find out more about Secure Remote Access. 

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