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What is MOT?

MOT (Manufacturing Operations Transformation) is the Digital Transformation of the manufacturing space, aligning to the convergence of IT/OT.

This transformation is closely connected to the digital changes happening everywhere in the world, which is changing both B2B and B2C relationships in terms of their user experience and services. It comes down to the need for improving both the performance and competitiveness of a business, by delivering measurable, and extensible, operational and business improvements.

Why is change is needed?

Technological advances in big data and predictive analytics, business process management and mobile applications are enabling manufacturers to empower their operators and decision makers to make sense of the sea of operational data.

Newer technologies like cloud, IoT and IIoT, smart devices and additive manufacturing (such as 3D printing) are driving digital transformation changes in the manufacturing sector.

Other key areas you need to consider:

  • The aging workforce – When an experienced operator retires, do you have other people that can step in and take over the role with ease… or will their expertise and technical knowledge be removed from your business forever?
  • Informed Business Decisions – People want the facts before making business decisions, they don’t want to just “do things”.
  • Sustainability – Aside from company energy consumption targets, there are also regulatory commitments that you must adhere to – failure to do some will lead to penalties and fines.
  • Health & Safety - Consumer confidence and consistent product quality are key for any manufacturer.