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A window to the world of process metrics

You may have heard about OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) before. It’s been available for many years now and is considered the stepping stone to gaining operations visibility, managing quality and enhancing throughput for manufacturing plants, especially in the Food and Beverage and CPG industries.

But the data you collect from deploying an OEE solution, without context, can be more of a hindrance than a useful tool when it comes to embedded automation. With many devices collecting and sending data, there are more available data points and potential opportunities for optimisation.

If these opportunities aren’t utilised however, the result is a ‘smart’ system that doesn’t actually provide much intelligence. Without the means to aggregate, merge, view, trend, and analyse data, the resulting information is just noise that can lead to contradictory conclusions.

Presenting your data in a meaningful way is critical.

Intuitive interfaces can allow operators to act on potential problems before values shift out of acceptable ranges. SPC (Statistical Process Control) and OEE dashboard information can inform operators when machines are not working at optimal efficiency, or when defective parts may exceed manufacturing tolerances – A well-designed overview of a process can warn operators of trouble before the line has to be stopped, or can help troubleshoot problems to get it started again quickly.

Don’t make the mistake of collecting data simply for the sake of data collection. Put the information to use by giving data the context it requires to be meaningful.