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The All New AVEVA Historian 2020!

In this webinar, we explore the updated AVEVA Historian web client, universal data access and Snapp data analysis. We also cover alarms in the context of process data and summary charts based on events and batches. 

Featuring SolutionsPT Marketing Manager, Deon van Aardt, Solutions Manager, Andy Graham and Technical Manager, Ken Molloy, you’ll see what updates have been made to the AVEVA Historian system offering. To watch the webinar, press play below:

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AVEVA Historian is one of the tools that comes under the control room/Unified Operations Centre umbrella, as part of the wider industrial and digital landscape within a business. It’s an integral part of these architectures. It can store an immense amount of data and securely deliver it to other devices, be it desktop or mobile tools.

Andy explains how AVEVA Historian connects to other AVEVA platforms, such as:


He also mentions the application of Historian Client and Historian Client Web, which allow for viewing granular-level data and access from a web browser respectively. AVEVA Historian is inherently scalable, with the webinar exploring how it can connect to anything from sensors, machines and plants to sites and remote assets. 

Further along in the webinar, Ken takes us through the new technological features that have been added to the latest Historian release as well as the strengths of the platform itself. 

Strengths of AVEVA Historian

Ken touches on the following strengths of AVEVA Historian, features which make the platform one of the most popular worldwide:

  • Natural integration with AVEVA Supervisory Control (Edge, System Platform, Citect, InTouch, OPC).
  • Make operational data more accessible. 
  • Enable all plant users to gain value from your process history.
  • Simple, intuitive access for all plant users.
  • Geographically distributed applications - multi-tiered historians.
  • Easy transformations and aggregations - ‘Event’ based time slicing.
  • Hybrid on-premise/online makes information more accessible. 


He then takes us through a demonstration of Historian capabilities, focusing on on-premise functions and how to make operational data more accessible. Through this, you can see just how extensible AVEVA Historian is to online solutions, hybrid and on-premise applications and existing investments such as infrastructure and applications. 

This round-up is just a small section of the hour-long webinar, in which Deon, Andy and Ken explore the unique features that make AVEVA Historian such a popular platform today. To see all there is to see, click the play button above.

If you’re interested in getting more information on how AVEVA Historian can improve your data management and control room functionality, contact one of our dedicated specialists today. We’re on hand to advise you on how to get the best operational efficiency out of your industrial environment.

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